Katja Halonen

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, Member of the Finnish Bar, Trained on the Bench, MSc (Econ)

Katja Halonen assists and advises clients with legal issues and proceedings related to employment law, dispute resolution, insolvency law and family law. Katja’s practice in the field of employment law covers all employment, labor and immigration law matters. She has also gained experience in international tax and employment law related cases, especially questions concerning the mobility of employees, international assignments as well as local agreements. Katja has advised clients with legal issues regarding employer obligations, social security and expatriate taxation. She also counsels clients with co-operation procedures, contract issues, redundancies and occupational health and safety issues.

In the field of dispute resolution Katja’s practice covers litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Katja has gained court litigation experience before District Courts, Courts of Appeals and The Supreme Court. In addition she has presented clients in various mediation processes. Katja also acts as a volunteer mediator at the Helsinki Mediation Office. Insolvency law related cases Katja assists our company’s estate administrators in all bankruptcy related proceedings and also advises clients with insolvency questions and disputes. Katja also handles all family and inheritance related cases.

Katja assists her clients in a customer-oriented approach with a deep understanding of the law and regulations. Katja considers that a preventative advice and counseling is the best and most cost-efficient method for clients to mitigate the risk for disputes. Katja works closely with clients in order to understand their businesses and also to keep her clients’ businesses in compliance with regulations. In dispute cases Katja considers the facts and gives a clear assessment and recommendation of the case for her clients.

Katja has trained on the bench (Trainee Judge) at the Helsinki District Court. In addition to Master of Laws degree from University of Helsinki Katja is a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration. Katja also is a board member of the Helsinki Bar Association which is the largest local association of the Finnish Bar Association. Katja frequently lectures on topics relating to employment and inheritance law.

Katja’s clients appreciate her versatile dispute resolutions skills, client-friendly approach and straightforward solution-based counseling.


“A crucial part of an attorney’s work is to understand client’s business, values and visions. The more attorney understands her client’s business behavior, the more easier it is to find cost-efficient solution to client’s problems.”

Katja Halonen


“Thank you for everything. You have handled the case professionally. During the court procedure I felt safe.”

Direct feedback from a client


”Thank you for your professional assistance. The received solution is a big relief.”

Direct feedback from a client



Katja assists a leading temporary staffing company in Finland in their legal matters regarding employment and labor law issues and debt collection procedures.

Katja successfully assisted members of a trade union in dispute concerning employees’ rights in the event of transfers of undertakings and business. Katja has also assisted several other clients with disputes relating to assignments of business and transfers of undertakings also in municipal context.

Katja has assisted several executives in severance and redundancy related negations and agreements.

Katja has arranged several estate inventories and assisted clients in inheritance and divorce distributions also in international context.






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